Hajia Sawaba

For development of any kind to be successful, a vantage position should be accorded the women, as they constitute larger proportion of the population they should not be left out in the issues of decision making that bothers even on their lives as a people. In this regard, today, we celebrate this African Woman Hajia Gambo Sawaba.

Hajia Sawaba will for ever be credited for most of today’s political, economic and social achievements of women in the North. Prominently, it was Hajia Sawaba that fought for the exposure of female children in the North to Western education.

And she will above all, be remembered for her role in breaking down the religious and cultural barriers that were used to relegate Northern women into an inferior class of humans. 

There is no doubt that women have some potentials and rights to contribute meaningfully to the development of their country and the government should work towards achieving gender equality in democratic governance, increase women participation and access to politics. It must be realized that the role of women as home makers cannot be down played in that it equally has an extended impact on their responsibility in service, the women touch anywhere cannot be matched

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