Garden and Flower Show 8

Made by Design x The Winihin Jemide Series 

A Partner Event of Lagos Design Week 

Date: 11th -13th October 2019 

Venue: The Balmoral, Federal Palace Hotel, VI, Lagos. 

The Design Week Lagos hosted by Made by Design is a yearly curated to an extremely high level with about 5,000 visitors over 3 days. 

The Winihin Jemide Series was honored to showcase The Garden and Flower show 2019, our theme was “The Futuristic Displays of Plants and Flowers meet the Sleek Elements of Design”. We had six (6) wonderful exhibitors who curated the Garden Path with their amazing window displays and design item interpretation. 

This event opened its doors to various high-level dignitaries such as The Wife of the Vice President Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, The wife of the Governor of Ogun State Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun and the Commissioner of Culture and Tourism for Lagos State Mrs. Olufunke Adebolu. 

The shoe reminds us that the first thing which comes upon the earth is the shoe. The way we treat the earth truly matters, we need not to trample on the earth. We ought to be kind and gentle to the earth so it will continue to give us its goodness. Shoe curated by: Gethsemane Flowers 

As the world evolves, recycle has become a huge part of our lives helping us to make better decisions with items we no longer find useful. This chair become a planter for our gardens. Curated by: Aralia by Nature

The ozone is been depleted daily. The umbrella speaks of the covering the earth needs, the protection we need to give to the earth so it would remain for us and generations coming behind. Curated by: Flower Plus

We need to allow the earth to rest a little and start planting on water. Water also has 100% nutrients the plants need to grow. This solar energy green wall was curated by: Taison Horticulture

Instead of cutting down our pine to make Christmas trees, we can as well create an artificial tree to our desired taste with real flower and plant. Curated by: Aralia by Nature 

We are looking at the coming years were by creating more road for bicycles. We need to create the awareness of riding more and driving less to reduce the combustion rate in the city.

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