Through our campaigns we hope to raise awareness of what we are advocating for as an organisation; More Women! More Youth! and increase our reach of supporters⁣

Vision 2020

Women and Youth in Governance and Politics is a social impact group, which advocates for More women and More Youth in the electoral process, through Information Gathering, Story Telling, Education, Campaigns and Events. 

This year 2020, the year of perfect Vision, we are spearheading Vision 2020 which involves; A Global Vision Statement, A Global Vision Board and The More Campaign.

We believe that increased representation will lead to fairer and more effective decision making, because Ageism and Sexism are Politically Incorrect

80 people have engaged with Vision 2020

The More Campaign 6

This campaign highlights 6 steps that we believe Women and Youth can take to increase their involvement in Governance and Politics

Advocate For MORE Women And More Youth

Our voices pave the way for More Women and More Youth to advance in Governance and Politics


Your vote matters in building and sustaining a desired community

Support Credible Female Or Youth Candidates

This reduces their minority indexes and increases the credibility of election and community development

Prepare To Run

You can join a political party, remain non partisan or create your own

Register to Vote

We believe that it is important to get your name on the electoral register so when the time comes to vote, your opinion can be counted

Run For Office

If you feel a call to serve and ignite change, it might be time to run for office

We encourage engagement with The More Campaign through;

  • Liking, commenting and sharing specific posts on Instagram
  • Submission of video or photographic engagement with The More Campaign

**The total number of likes and comments will be included in The Global Vision Statement Appendix as evidence of support

**Liking, commenting and sharing on Instagram qualifies you for a chance to win 2 tickets to The Vision 2020 Conference or a Vision Boarding Session.

**Submission of video or photographic evidence of engagement with The More Campaign adds your name to list of Vision 2020 supporters included in The Global Vision Statement Appendix

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Know Your Candidate

During election season, we aim to highlight Women and Youth candidates as a way of ensuring that individuals are better informed about them

Disclaimer: We urge all Women and Youth who are encouraged to get involved in governance and politics to be vigilant and well informed. Involvement in this sphere must not be taken lightly as there are potential dangers that come with it. Make sure you do the necessary research for your specific context, as governance and politics differ across the world. Make sure you are well prepared and surrounded by a strong support system. Personally we focus mainly on lower level governance where the risk is decreased and the access to the grassroots is substantially increased.

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