At The Vision Statement Conference, two thousand and twenty (2020) participants will be guided to troubleshoot and review a cohesive list of Vision Statements at the second draft stage. Detailed within these statements is the need to advance; dignity, equal rights and inclusiveness for Women and Youth in global electoral processes. Together we can begin to voice what we imagine a world without ageism and sexism within these processes would look like. Powerful isn’t it? 

The Vision 2020 Conference will give us the chance to elevate our voices! Our Vision Statements are a consensus and commitment to full participation of all peoples, and the elimination of Ageism and Sexism in governance and politics.  

Having passed through various stages of vetting, a final Vision Statement Document will be submitted to several establishments, including heads of governments and multilateral agencies. The ultimate aim is to initiate policy reform that will enable the future we envision. More Women! More Youth! Zero Ageism! Zero Sexism! In Governance and Politics.

**Recorded involvement in The Global Vision Statement adds your name to the list of Vision 2020 supporters included in The Global Vision Statement Appendix


  1. To Build Consensus

  2. To Mobilise Attention around the need for More Women and More Youth in Governance and Politics

  3. To Push for Adoption of a set of Asks and Demands detailed as points within the Vision Statement


  1. Your name in the appendix of the Vision Statement Document

  2. Your opinion in the Vision Statement for the future of Women and Youth in Governance and Politics

  3. Lessons from 10 Pan African Stories of Women and Youth in political leadership

  4. Your images on the Global Vision Board about the future of Women and Youth in Governance and Politics


Our Vision Boarding Sessions are aimed at putting together a collective pictorial representation (2020 images) of what participants anticipate a world with More Women and More Youth in Governance and Politics should look like. 

Let’s close our eyes for a second and imagine a world where ageism and sexism do not exist within these processes. Lovely isn’t it? 

In each session, we will cover topical issues that will guide attendees in contributing to The Global Vision Board, encouraging engagement with Vision 2020. 

A vision boarding session will be held during The Vision 2020 Conference

**The Global Vision Board will be included in The Global Vision Statement Appendix as evidence of support

**Submission of your Vision Board imagery adds your name to list of Vision 2020 supporters included in The Global Vision Statement Appendix



Winihin Jemide – Nigeria – Welcome Storyteller

Researcher, Advocate and Founder Women and Youth in Governance and Politics 

Story Title: Increasing The Numbers, The Power of A Story


Fadzayi Mahere – Zimbabwe – Special Storyteller

Lawyer, Advocate and Politician, National Spokesperson MDC Alliance


Story Title: Until I am Empty, Her Story of Advocacy, Opposition and Politics

Zimbabwean lawyer, advocate, and politician Fadzayi Mahere was born in Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe on 30 July 1985. Mahere obtained her LLB from the University of Zimbabwe and her LLM in international Criminal Law & International Commercial Litigation, from the University of Cambridge. In 2016 Mahere participated in the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe public inquisition on the printing and introduction of additional bond notes, where she voiced that the bond notes were uncosituational. Furthermore, Mahere was one of the prominent activist of the #Thisflag Movement in 2016; mobilising and motivating people to rise against the government. In 2019, Mahere joined the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party as the Secretary of Education. In May 2020, she was announced as the national spokesperson for the MDC Alliance, where she spoke out against corruption and holding administrative officials accountable. Mahere was a member of the Lead Counsel (Zimbabwe) team that won the All Africa International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2007 and was awarded Best Oral Argument in the Finals. Her stories speak of standing in the brilliance of a dissenting  thought and why taking a stand sometimes requires its pound of flesh.

Natahsa Wang Mwansa – Zambia – Special Storyteller

Member of African Union Commission’s Youth Advisory Board, Child and Women’s Rights Advocate

Story Title: We Should Be Listening, Her Story of Youth Voices in Advocacy

Reporter, child journalist, child and women’s rights advocate and activist at the Media Network on Child Right and Development, Natasha Wang Mwansa was born (2001) and raised in Zambia. Mwansa finished her secondary school studies at Lusaka Secondary School and is currently taking a gap year before embarking on further studies. Mwansa is vehement about using social media to empower young people. Mwansa is responsible for gathering and disseminating information and tracking shareholder progress at the Media Network on Child Right and Development. Through her work, Mwansa was selected to be part of the African Union Commission’s Youth Advisory Board. Additionally, she is also the Social Accountability Monitor at Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Dissemination Service. Mwansa fights for girls and women due to the belief that girls have untapped power and will stop at nothing until it is unleashed. Mwansa is in the early stages of starting an initiative that will foster young people to take radical action and foster positive change.Her stories wake us up to the glorious sight of the baton changing hands, they caution us to listen as the stirring of a new generation cracks the cocoon.

Charlotte Kesson Smith Osei – Ghana – Special Storyteller 

UN International Electoral Commissioner, Former Chairperson, Electoral Commission Ghana

Story Title: Is It A Man’s World? Her Story of Leading a Country to The Ballot

A UN International Electoral Commissioner and Director at the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy In Africa, University of South Africa, Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei, was born in Axim, Ghana on February 1, 1969. Osei received her LLB in 1992 from the University of Ghana and her MBL from the University of South Africa, Pretoria in 2006, and a LLM from Queen’s University in Ontario Canada. Osei commenced her career as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law, University of Ghana, Legon in 1994. From 2011-2015, Osei was the chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education. Following her tenure, Osei was appointed chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, becoming the first woman to hold that role. During her tenure which ended in June 2018, Osei presided as the Returning Officer for Ghana’s 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. In May 2019, the UN selected Osei as an International Elections Commissioner to Afghanistan, to aid in managing the 2019 presidential elections. As the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Osei was awarded the ‘Women of Courage Award’ by Robert P. Jackson, the United States ambassador to Ghana. Charlotte’s stories straddle Ghana and Afghanistan as they examine the not so subtle undertones of gender related antagonism in political leadership.

Samson Itodo – Nigeria – Special Storyteller 

Community Organiser

Story Title: A Window In Time, His Story of Pushing the Boundaries

Samson Itodo is the Executive Director of YIAGA AFRICA, a community of change makers focused on building sustainable democracies in Africa anchored on the principles of inclusion, justice, accountability and constitutionalism. He leads by implementing the organization’s mission and objectives including strategic planning, policy research, grant seeking and stakeholder engagement. He has 12 years of expertise in elections management, parliamentary strengthening, constitution building and social movements.  

Samson is the convener of the Not Too Young To Run movement that led the successful advocacy for the reduction of age limits for running for public office in the Nigerian constitution. The campaign was adopted by the United Nations, African Union and ECOWAS as a global campaign. He has facilitated the development of policy documents on electoral reform, constitution review and political inclusion. He also provides strategic policy advise to parliamentary committees, electoral commissions, political parties, civil society organizations and academic institutions. Samson leads one of Nigeria’s largest citizens-led movements on promoting electoral integrity using technology and data, Watching The Vote. 

He has led international election observation missions to Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, United States of America and South Africa. 

The impact of his work earned him recognition from the Gates Foundation as a Goal keeper 2018 and The National Democratic Institute (NDI) Washington DC as Rising Democracy leader in Africa. Winner of the prestigious The Future Africa Award Young Person of the Year 2018, Itodo was also inducted into 100 Most Influential Young Africans by the African Youth Awards in 2017. In 2017 and 2018 he was recognized as one of the 10 most powerful names in advocacy in Nigeria. 

Winihin Jemide is a Multi-Portfolio Entrepreneur, Development Practitioner, Youth/Gender Advocate, Training Consultant and Joy Coach with almost 30 years’ experience spread across a number of distinct industries including, Business Advisory, Landscape Horticulture, Relocation Management, Manufacturing and  Research. Jemide graduated with an LL.B degree in Law in 1989 and she recently commenced  a Doctorate degree in Professional Studies at the Middlesex University, UK. Jemide also holds Diploma’s in Gender Studies and Community Based Development. In 2013, she founded The Winihin Jemide Series, an organization that advocates for the increased participation and involvement of Women and Youth in Governance and Politics. The Series has published research that supports the need for equality and inclusion and tackles the often-overlooked subjects of ageism and sexism within the global electoral process. It also supported a Postgraduate Research Grant in conjunction with the African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, offering grants to five postgraduate students since 2013 whose work involves research on gender and politics in Africa. The Series recently launched The More Campaign with an aim of collating the first-ever vision statement for women and youth due out in March of 2021.  Her latest pet projects are “ASK?” informal gatherings where young people get a chance to ask trailblazers burning questions on life issues and “LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SELF”, where volunteers read out self-written letters to an age-appropriate audience, that speak to issues of self-esteem, self-worth, healing and ultimately triumph. Jemide also powers “THIS IS OUR STORY”, a platform where authentic stories help to inspire thinking and initiate action. 

Mmusi Maimane – South Africa – Special Storyteller

Politician, Former Leader of the Opposition Democratic Alliance


Story Title: Shoulder to Shoulder; His Story of Young But Equal

South African politician, Mmusi Aloysias Maimane was born in 1980 in Krugersdorp, Gauteng Province. Raised in Soweto, Maimane received his BA in Psychology from the University of South Africa, and an MPA from the University of Witwatersrand, and a Masters in Theology from Bangor University in Wales. At just 35 years old, In 2015, Maimane became the leader of South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) a position he voluntarily retired from in 2019. Maimane was also the leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly from 2014-2019, becoming the first black man and youngest in South Africa’s history in this role. Maimane was the former leader of the DA in the Johannesburg City Council and served as the National Spokesperson. In 2011, Maimane was selected as the DA’s Johannesburg mayoral candidate in the municipal elections. During the election, Maimane grew the party’s voter base, despite losing the election. Subsequently, he served as Leader of the Official Opposition on the Johannesburg City Council till May 2014. In 2020, Maimane created the One South Africa Movement, a civil organization. Maimane has been credited as one of the individuals who kept the DA in the spotlight, broadened its appeal, and held together it’s warring factions. Mmusi brings to us his stories of age and racial bias that speak to cultural dictates ingrained within political structures. He also speaks to bridge building and unusual victories. Mmusi brings to us his stories of age and racial bias that speak to cultural dictates ingrained within political structures. He also speaks to bridge building and unusual victories. 

John Paul Mwrigi – Kenya – Special Storyteller

Politician, Member of Parliament

Story Title: Without A Godfather, His Story of Merit 

At 23 John Paul Mwirigi was elected as a Member of Parliament for Igembe South Constituency, Meru County in the Kenyan National Assembly, becoming the youngest ever Kenyan member of parliament in the country’s history. Mwirigi was born in 1994 in Meru County, in a family of eight siblings. Mwrigi attended Mount Kenyan University as a part time student, having to work to fund his Bachelors of Education, specializing in History and Kiswahili. Mwirigi was elected in his third year of university. Mwrigi graduated in 2019. Mwrigi stood as an independent candidate having feared that he would be rigged out of the primaries, due to a lack of funds. Mwrigi held a grassroot campaign, going door to door, mostly on foot. A majority of his resources used during the campaign were donated by well wishers. Mwrigi was predicted to lose due to him being young, not belonging to a political party therefore lacking a ground political machine, lacking funds, and political experience. However, Mwrigi won, beating his closest opponent by over 3,000 votes and garnering 76% of the total vote. His stories speak to self belief and tenacity and the possibility of breaking the notion of godfatherism in African politics. His stories speak to self belief and tenacity and the possibility of breaking the notion of godfatherism in African politics.

Bogolo Kenewendo – Botswana – Special Storyteller

Economist, Former Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry

Story Title: Young and Leading; Her Story of The Young African’s Political Leadership

Botswana’s former Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry Bogolo Joy Kenewendo was born in Motopi Village in 1987. Kenewendo received her BA in Economics from the University of Botswana and her MSc in International Economics from the University of Sussex. In 2016, former President of Botswana Ian Khama selected Kenewendo to the Parliament of Botswana, where parliament elected her as a presidential nominee, at 29 years of age. In her former role as minister, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in 2018 appointed Kenwendo to the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation. Additionally, through policy and business reforms, she reduced the time it takes to start a business in Botswana from 49 days to 7 days. Kenewendo also increased foreign direct investments in one year against the target of the last five years. Furthermore, Kenwendo moved two motions towards the protection of children’s rights. The alignment of the Penal Code to the Children’s Act, which encompasses issues surrounding sexual consent, child imprisonment, and incest, etc. as well as the implementation of a sex offender registry. Kenewendo was one of Botswana’s first youth representatives to the UN General Assembly. In 2012, she was the recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons award by JCI Botswana and was honored with a 2016 Botswana Changemakers Award in Business and Leadership as well as the 2016 Formidable Woman award. Kenewendo was one of Chevening’s 35 Global Changemakers in 2019. Currently, she is the Managing Director of Kenewendo Advisory. Young and vibrant, the stories she shares show that appointment and election are valid routes to political office and that either way effective performance is possible.

Ebba Hermansson – Sweden – Guest Storyteller 

Politician, Youngest Member of Parliament

Story Title: The Baby of The House, Her Story of Not Too Young To Run

Swedish politician of the Sweden Democrats, Ebba Charlotte Hermansoon, is a Member of the Riksdag since 2018, representing the Constituency of Skane County West. She has been referred to as the Baby of the House, having been elected at 22 years of age. Hermansson was born in 1996 in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. From Ebba’s stories we hear what it means to be young and female in political leadership and look for and draw on parallels and learnings between Europe and Africa. Her stories encourage us to join hands and forge partnerships across borders because we are more similar than we realise


Omoni Oboli – Sweden – Guest Storyteller 

Producer, Director, Actress

Story Title: Hear Me Roar, Her Story of Drawing Attention Through Art

Omoni Oboli is a Film Producer, Director, Actress and Scriptwriter. She is the MD/CEO of Dioni Visions Entertainment. A leading television and film production company. She is a multilingual French language graduate from the University of Benin, Nigeria and holds a certificate in Digital Filmmaking from New York Film Academy, USA. She has produced and directed several ground-breaking Nollywood movies including LOVE IS WAR, MOMS AT WAR and WIVES ON STRIKE, the latter awarding her Producer of the year by Eloy Awards 2016 and Awesome Treasures Foundation Awards 2017. Her movie, OKAFOR’S LAW, was part of the official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the Stockholm International Film Festival in 2016 and earned her the 2017 Ebony Life Sisterhood Award recipient for TV and Film Director of the year. Omoni’s movie – ‘The FIRST LADY’ was awarded the Audience Choice award at the Nollywood Week Festival Paris in 2016. Known for delivering top-notch projects she pushes the boundaries with her storytelling. Both her movies LOVE IS WAR and WIVES ON STRIKE speak to the audacity of women seeking political office as she uses her acting, producing and directorial abilities to shine a light on the difficulties women face as they aspire to political leadership. She is the Director at OMONI OBOLI FOUNDATION, a registered non-profit organization focused on the less privileged women and children in Nigeria with a view to expanding to other countries in Africa. 

the more campaign

This campaign highlights 6 steps that we believe Women and Youth can take to increase their involvement in Governance and Politics