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Vision Boarding Sessions

Vision 2020

Between now and December, under The More Campaign which advocates for More Women and More Youth in Governance and Politics, we are asking that a minimum of 2020 people engage with our 6 pronged message, our Vision Board and our Vision Statement. 

What better time than now, the year of perfect vision, 2020!

We believe that increased representation will lead to fairer and more effective decision making

80 people have engaged with Vision 2020!

Vision Boarding Session

Let’s close our eyes for a second and imagine a world where ageism and sexism don’t exist… Lovely isn’t it?

Our Vision Boarding sessions will give you a chance to use images to do just that!

During each session we will be covering relevant and current topics. You will be guided in putting together a board representing your vision of a world with More Women and More Youth in Governance and Politics.

You will need a Pinterest account, an open mind and some excitement

You can also purchase a collage inspired by all the images collected from your session for N1,500

The zoom link will be sent on the day of the event


We’re looking forward to having you on board as we advocate for an end to Ageism and Sexism in Governance and Politics

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Further Information

**The Global Vision Board will be included in The Global Vision Statement Appendix as evidence of support

**Submission of your Vision Board imagery adds your name to list of Vision 2020 supporters included in The Global Vision Statement Appendix