Vision Boarding Session

Let’s close our eyes for a second and imagine a world where ageism and sexism don’t exist. Lovely isn’t it? Our Vision Boarding sessions will give you a chance to use images to do just that! During each session we will be covering relevant and current topics regarding Women and Youth in Governance and Politics. The discussion will be a guide to help you put together a board representing your vision of a world with More Women and More Youth in Governance and Politics. For Women and Youth by people who love Women and Youth.
What do I need?
A Pinterest account, an open mind and some excitement


Anything else?
Yes! You can get your board turned into a collage for an extra fee of N1,500 & You will receive the zoom link on the day of the event
We’re looking forward to having you on board as we advocate for an end to Ageism and Sexism in Governance and Politics

The event is finished.


Jul 20 2020


6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

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The Winihin Jemide Series

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